Moms - we've made your life a little easier!

All SitSwap members (Basic and Premium) benefit from our "Stay in Touch" and "Do Not Disturb" features.
Available to all SitSwap members for free, these handy tools are designed to save you time... and to make your SitSwap experience nice n' easy. We also encourage you to subscribe to our free quarterly newsletter "ME Time" - it's very inspiring !

Stay in Touch feature

Make sure you sign up for SitSwap's "Stay in Touch" program.  We'll automatically send you a message when a new member from your city joins.  A message is sent once per week.  This is much easier than having to log in and conduct a daily search for SitSwap members new to your area.  Very convenient!  

Do Not Disturb feature

Planning a winter holiday?  Off to the cottage for 2 weeks this summer?

If you need to take a break during your membership period, please use the Do Not Disturb feature.

The Do Not Disturb feature is found on your Registration and Personal Profile Edit page. Simply click on the calendars provided to select your dates... and we'll take care of the rest. Your request will be saved and managed automatically by our system.

Your Personal Profile will remain viewable to members with your Do Not Disturb dates highlited in yellow.

See outside the Mommy BOX!  Subscribe to "ME Time"

We want to make one thing clear;  you will not find articles about childcare in our newsletter.

(We’re sure you’ve heard enough about potty training, lice, cradle cap and MMR shots from other sources!)

"ME Time” is just for YOU.   It’s part of your SitSwap escape package from motherhood. Read about inspirational women making waves in the community. Discover interests concerning life, education, travel, relationships, business, hobbies, mental health, books, beauty and fitness.

We know you are a super busy gal, so we promise to keep our newsletter short and sweet.  We won't bamboozle you with too much information, just precious tidbits to INSPIRE and motivate you.

Our number one goal is get you to think about what YOU CAN DO with your ME time, courtesy of

Treat yourself and sign up today ... and see outside the Mommy Box.