How it Works - 5 Easy Steps

There will come a time when, as a parent, you may find yourself searching for occasional cost-effective childcare. We're glad you came to

All members welcome the opportunity to meet a new SitSwap buddy. Members have one thing in common; they want to make new supportive friends to reciprocate childcare with. It’s the reason they joined … so reach out!  Here is how it works..


SitSwap starts with creating your Personal Profile. It's easy!

To become a SitSwap member, you must fill out the Personal Profile form found on our Join page. Your Personal Profile record is safe by being password protected so only you are able to make changes to it. Your personal data is also protected by Secure Socket Layer technology (SSL) and by SitSwap's governing Privacy Policy and by our Terms and Conditions


Pick your Membership type – Basic or Premium

We offer 2 membership levels; Basic and Premium. They each provide different benefits and levels of service. Please view our membership page for more details.


Search for your SitSwap buddies – by your City

To find SitSwap buddies living in your neighbourhood, search by the city you currently live in (ie:Markham). Narrow your selection even further by looking for members who have the closest intersections nearest to you.


Contact Members & Ask Questions

Read over the Personal Profiles and contact members who interest you. Meet up for coffee and enjoy some fun playdates together with your children. Get to know each other and ask questions. Check out each others’ homes for safety and do a reference check if you feel inclined. "Inspect" the other mom the same way you'd interview a 15 year-old teenager who just passed her babysitting course.

Yes. With all the knowledge and experience we've honed as moms, we are better than a 15 year-old babysitter  We are the safer choice. Remember, you control the screening process; so choose wisely and trust your motherly instincts. Please refer to our Key Questions to Ask.


Hooray! A SitSwap Buddy is Found

You’ll know when you have found “Mrs. Right”… your SitSwap buddy. This is the beginning of a supportive, value-added relationship with mutual benefits. Simply keep track of the childcare hours between you and your chosen SitSwap buddy and return the babysitting favour to her. Very smart.

 SitSwap - a wonderful way to meet new friends in your city.
Plus, save up to thousands on childcare costs.